5 Organized Fridge Ideas

Using drawers in your refrigerator is a great way to keep items organized. You can place condiments in the lower bin and replace ice cube trays with fruit baskets. Keeping your drawers organized will make your refrigerator look cleaner and fresher.

Place condiments in a lower bin and replace them with fruits

To organize your fridge, you should store like items together. This makes it easier to find the items you need and keeps them all in one place. You can use door bins to store condiments. Other items that can be placed inside door bins include butter, oils, soft cheese, and pasteurized orange juice. You can also place eggs and cream in the middle shelf. However, be sure to keep your eggs in their original containers.

Another way to organize your refrigerator is to place fruit inside it. You can also place condiments and fruits in the lower bin. This way, they will be on display, so you will be sure not to forget them. Also, you can replace the fruits that you use up with fresh ones.

Replace ice cube trays with fruit baskets

You can replace your ice cube trays with fruit basket-style containers to stay organized when grilling. These storage containers are dishwasher-safe and flexible. They are great for storing herbs, spices, oils, yogurt, and more. They are also ideal for narrow-mouth water bottles.

Ice cube trays were first invented in the 1920s and solved a common problem of chipping ice off a large block. They are convenient and easy to use. You can customize them to contain different flavors, fruits, or other ingredients. You can even make iced coffee treats with them. They are also great for freezing eggs.

Despite their convenience, vinyl ice cube trays can crack and cause a mess. The best solution for this is to replace them with bendable silicone ice cube trays. They are easy to use and produce a dozen square cubes that measure one-inch square. These cubes don’t dilute the flavors in your cocktail.

Besides the fruit-shaped ice cubes, ice cube trays can also keep odors in check. To keep your ice cubes fresh, use baking soda, which is an effective natural cleaner. Afterward, rinse the tray with clean water and refill it with fresh liquid. Follow these steps once a month to keep your ice cubes smelling great.

If you want to replace ice cube trays with fruit-shaped fruit baskets, there are many options available. Some are designed for grilling while others are made for storage. For most people, the Good Grips No Spill Ice Cube Tray is the best option. It offers convenient angles that make it easier to store and doesn’t retain freezer smells. However, it’s expensive compared to cheaper plastic trays.

In addition to serving delicious and refreshing drinks, ice cubes are great for washing down burgers. If you’re grilling with a group of people, it’s great to have ice cubes available to wash down the food. You can even serve them with a beverage dispenser, and you can choose a jug or pitcher for the liquids. Or, you can serve the ice cubes in old-fashioned glasses.

Another great option is a niceCube mold. This container makes one-half-inch-thick ice cubes. It also holds more water than a conventional ice cube tray and is perfect for preserving small amounts of food. They’re also great for herbs in the freezer.