5 Pantry Closet Organization Ideas

Whether your pantry is large or small, you can make your life easier by organizing it. There are several ways to organize a pantry, such as by category, or by the specific item. You can keep similar items together to make finding them easier. You can even group items by meal, so that you can quickly find the items you need.

Removable totes

For storage purposes, removeable totes are great solutions. You can use them to keep plastic wrap, aluminum foil, wax paper, and other household cleaning products from accumulating on your pantry shelves. They also help you find items faster. Besides reducing clutter, they also help you keep cleaning products away from your food.

You can also store small bags in a basket that can be placed on a high shelf. This way, you can easily reach them. The vertical position also provides the best visibility and access. In addition to that, you can also use Command hooks to hang towels and aprons.

Another great way to maximize the amount of storage space in your pantry is to use shelves that have clear plastic pockets. These are especially useful for small items, such as snacks or bottles of water. They also provide extra storage space behind the pantry door. This type of storage is great for narrow or odd-shaped doorways.

You can also buy stackable plastic containers that are great for organizing the pantry. They are also easy to use and are large enough to hold lots of food. You can also use glass containers to store food items.

Pull-out shelves

Pull-out shelves in your pantry are a godsend to busy parents. However, if you are not organized and find it difficult to locate items, they may be of little help to you. Thankfully, there are a few ways to optimize the use of this space.

First, you can install pegboards, which are a great way to utilize empty wall space. These are great for collecting kitchen utensils and other items that clog up shelf space. Installing a pegboard is easy and frees up valuable space.

Another great benefit of using pull-out shelves in your pantry is that they provide greater accessibility. This means you can easily reach items that are in the back of the shelves. The raised sides of these shelves allow you to access them without risking spilling their contents. They are also handy for storing kitchen gadgets and charging electronic devices. Additionally, they will save you a lot of money by reducing trips to the store.

Another benefit of pull-out shelves is that they require no handles. Simply slide them out and back in with a light tap. They are a good choice if you’re organizing items like canned goods or large sacks of sugar or flour. If you’re storing items that aren’t frequently used, however, these shelves aren’t ideal for you.

Rotating platforms

Rotating platforms are useful pantry closet organization ideas that are easy to install. They allow easy access to high items and can hold extra bags. Another advantage is that they can save space because they have a small footprint. They can also be used to store hats and other sun protection gear.

Depending on the type of items stored in your pantry, you may need a mix of shelves and baskets. Baskets can be found in many sizes and are great for storing bulky items. When arranging your shelves, use labels to identify each shelf. You can also organize items by category. For instance, your dry goods and baking ingredients should be stored together.

Rotating platforms, also known as Lazy Susans, are another effective option. They make it easy to reach items stored in the back of a shelf. They work well in deep side shelves, on upper shelves, and in awkward corner spaces. You can even use them to organize your kitchen counter.

Another benefit of rotating platforms as pantry closet organization ideas is the ability to accommodate oversize items. Unlike traditional shelves, these platforms don’t require a bottom shelf, which frees up floor space.

Stacking cans

One of the best ways to organize your pantry is by stacking cans. There are two main advantages to using these organizers: they save space and can be easily identified. A bonus is that they have a narrow footprint, which means you can fit more into a smaller space.

Another advantage of this system is that it keeps your pantry organized. You can store all of your canned goods in one area. This will free up more shelf space for other items. You can also use the rack to store expired foods. This is a great, budget-friendly way to store your canned goods.

For items that need quick access, you can use stackable bins or baskets. These containers can be placed on the floor or on shelves, and will double or triple the storage space in your pantry. You can even purchase custom containers that slide out of the shelves for easy access. You can also install a pegboard on a free wall in your pantry. This will help you display your heavy items.

Another pantry closet organization idea is to use an over-the-door shoe holder. These organizers can hold bags and snacks. These dividers will make it easier to find what you’re looking for and prevent things from falling over. The same idea can be used for a wine cellar or liquor cabinet.


One of the best ways to organize your pantry is with bins. They’re useful for storing items that are similar to each other. For example, you could have one large bin for baking ingredients and one for spices. Then you can place those bins on a higher shelf for easy access. Using bins in this way will give you the best visibility and access to your items. Another great way to use bins is to hang aprons and towels from Command hooks.

The clear plastic bins are convenient to use, as you can easily see what’s inside. Plus, they’re easy to clean, too. You can use a non-skid shelf liner or a non-skid rug pad to prevent the bins from sliding around on the floor. Besides pantry closet organization, you can also use bins elsewhere in your home.

Using canisters and bins to organize your pantry can help you save space, prevent spills and keep pests out. Alternatively, you can also use risers or lazy susans to organize small items and keep them within easy reach. This way, you can save a lot of drawer space while keeping the essentials within your sight.

A simple makeover will make your pantry look much cleaner. With an organized pantry, you won’t feel overwhelmed when you look inside. Before you begin, decide on a color scheme. This will make it easier to coordinate all of your accessories. You might also consider using sliding drawers for short containers and snacks.

Command hooks

Command hooks are a popular product that can be used on many surfaces. This includes doors, windows, and even decking and trim. They can also be used to hang things inside your cabinets, such as cleaning supplies. They are so versatile that they’re even useful under the sink.

Purchasing Command Hooks is also fairly inexpensive. They cost from $4 to $25, depending on the size, finish, and value pack. You can get them in many different colors and styles, and they can hold anything from a small keychain to a 7.5-pound bottle of wine.

You can also use command hooks to hang seasonal decorations. They are particularly useful for hanging garland and other seasonal decorations. You can even use them to hang wooden dowels for macrame. You can also hang colorful wall baskets. For even more storage options, use command hooks to hang your kids’ craft supplies.

Command hooks are also great for hanging up plastic shopping bags. They’re also great for hanging hot tools inside cabinet doors. They can also be used to hang pot lids. These storage solutions are inexpensive, versatile, and make your home a more functional place to live. You’ll also find them at any dollar store.

You can also use command hooks to hang up items in your garage. They’re great for hanging anything you’d normally hang on a wall. You can use them to hang items like binder clips or seasoning packets, or even hang up curtains.