Gilbert is a small city in Maricopa County, Arizona, just southeast of Phoenix. The city was incorporated in 1920 and is part of the Phoenix metropolitan area. In the past, the town was known as the “Hay Shipping Capital of the World.”

Freestone Park

Freestone Park is Gilbert’s flagship park, covering over 88 acres and offering a number of kid-friendly activities such as batting cages, ball fields, and playgrounds. The park also features a train and antique carousel. It is open to the public and features a visitor guide to help you make the most of your visit.

The town’s freestone park was recently the site of a Kid’s Spring Fair and Expo. The park is home to the only skate park in the area. For those who prefer a more traditional playground, you’ll find nearby Stonebridge Lakes, Wind Drift, and Val Vista Lakes. If you’re interested in dining, head over to Gilbert’s downtown Heritage District. There are many restaurants and weekend markets where you can sample local dishes.

Freestone Park is an outdoor playground that includes tennis and basketball courts. There’s also a skating area and a mini ferris wheel for those who enjoy speed and excitement. There are also walking trails around two lakes. The park is wheelchair accessible, so if you’re looking for a place to bring the kids, Freestone Park is the perfect place to go.

The Riparian Preserve is another great place to visit in Gilbert, Arizona. The 110-acre preserve is home to nearly 200 species of birds, and many birdwatchers come here to spot these exotic creatures. Gilbert is also home to a historic temple, which is a popular location for church services. It was originally built as a refuge for Mormon immigrants and is open to the public.

The Gilbert Historical Museum is another place to visit in Gilbert. Located in the original elementary school building, the museum houses a large history collection. It also has an extensive collection of photos. The museum also has a gift shop. It’s open to the public, and is located in the heart of downtown Gilbert.

Discovery District Park

Discover 48 acres of park space with soccer fields, basketball courts, jogging trails, playground, and lake. This park is great for families and offers plenty of outdoor activities. You can also take a relaxing stroll through its lakeside walkway. A visit to Discovery District Park in Gilbert is sure to provide hours of fun.

Discovery Park opened in 2006 and features five multi-use fields for sports. It also has sand volleyball pits and a fun climbing rock. The park also has a network of multi-use trails and eight picnic ramadas. The park was named after the fossils of Columbian Mammoths, or Tuskers, that were found near the site. You can also view the fossils at the Southeast Regional Library in Gilbert.

Discovery District Park in Gilbert, Arizona is a 48-acre park that offers a variety of activities and facilities for families. You can play volleyball or basketball, fish, or just hang out in the green spaces. You can also go for a walk on the multi-use trails that are open to the public between 5:30 a.m. and 10 p.m. The park’s trails are perfect for walking, hiking, or cycling. Many visitors enjoy exploring the trails around the butterfly garden.

Freestone District Park is the first district park in Gilbert. It includes 88 acres of developed land and 32 acres of undeveloped land that could be developed in the future. The park has many amenities, including walking paths around a lake. You can also play volleyball or skateboard. You can also picnic in the park’s ramadas and grills. There are also plenty of places to relax and unwind.

There are several hiking trails in and around Discovery District Park. The park also features a butterfly garden and a learning path. The park is open Monday through Sunday.

Gilbert Regional Park

A large splash pad and a modern playground make this park a great place for kids to play. The park also features volleyball, pickleball, and tennis courts. It also features a fishing pond. A large picnic area with barbecues is also a great place for families to relax.

This new park will be the largest park in the city. It will feature accessible playground equipment and take advantage of scenic vistas. The construction will cost $100 million and will be completed in phases. The first phase is expected to be completed by June 2019 and cost about $16 million. The money for this phase of construction will come from system development fees.

There are many parks and places to go in Gilbert. The Gilbert Regional Park is a great place to start exploring the area. Gilbert’s Discovery District Park features two fishing ponds, one of which uses reclaimed water and is filled with fish from the Gilbert community’s fishing program. There are also playgrounds, a learning path, basketball courts, and a butterfly garden.

There is a wide variety of activities for families to enjoy in Gilbert, including the newly opened 17-foot iconic playground, 57 different water features, and a zip-line. Families will also enjoy the Gilbert Regional Park, which has multiple playgrounds for every age group.

Whether you enjoy outdoor activities, horseback riding, or simply relaxing on a patio, there are many places to go in Gilbert. The city’s parks and gardens offer the opportunity to experience the beautiful desert landscape. Gilbert is home to some of the most scenic areas in the state.

Gilbert Arizona Temple

The Gilbert Arizona Temple is a Mormon temple that was built in Arizona. The temple was built in the desert and was designed to reflect its location. Its gold-leafed angel Moroni statue sits atop a single central spire. It is located across the street from a grade school. Students gathered in the parking lot to sing “I Love to See the Temple.”

The temple is a massive structure that occupies a large, landscaped site. The spire rises 195 feet, and the exterior is comprised of finely crafted stone and pre-cast concrete. Its interior is finished with similarly high-end finishes. It is a modern temple with a welcoming interior.

The Gilbert Arizona Temple was dedicated in 2014, and the dedication ceremony was presided over by Bishop Claudio R. M. Costa. The temple is the fourth temple in Arizona, after the Mesa and Snowflake temples. Members of the church are excited about the project, as it will serve as a landmark.

The Gilbert Arizona Temple is an 85,000-square-foot structure, the largest temple built in the desert region in seventeen years. It is also the tallest building in Gilbert, with a spire that reaches 195 feet. The exterior features beautiful stone and precast concrete details, while the interior is adorned with a motif of the agave plant, which grows in the vast deserts of the Southwest.

Gilbert Arizona Museum

The Gilbert Historical Museum is an excellent place to explore Gilbert’s past. This historic building, built in 1913, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and has nine exhibition rooms dedicated to different themes. Visitors can explore the museum’s collections, which include model trains and military uniforms, and experience Gilbert’s rich history. They can also explore the museum’s courtyard, which is packed with old farm equipment. Ticket sales and memberships help fund the museum’s activities. Donations and fundraisers also help support its mission.

The Gilbert Museum offers several unique exhibits, including the Gilbert Home Life, School & Community, Military, Model Train, and Live Quilting Bee. It also features early Gilbert homesteads. There’s also a section about Gilbert’s railroad roots, Gilbert School District, and Gilbert Airport. The Gilbert Historical Society also hosts events, including Breakfast with Santa.

The Gilbert Historical Museum also has a museum gift shop that sells Gilbert souvenirs and commemorative items. You can purchase commemorative T-Shirts celebrating the city’s centennial, which is being celebrated in 2019. The Gilbert Historical Museum also offers many educational programs, which are free of charge. However, some of these programs require a minimal admission fee to cover costs. The Gilbert Arizona Museum offers membership options on an annual basis, which include a variety of levels and benefits.

The Gilbert Historical Museum is located at the Gilbert HD SOUTH, which opened in 1913. This building is located on the Southwest corner of West Elliot Road and South Gilbert Road. The Gilbert Public Schools closed the building in 1977, and the Gilbert Historical Society leased it and opened the museum in 1982. In 1985, the Gilbert Historical Society purchased the land to house the museum. This property was donated by Otto and Edna Neely.