Apartment Bathroom Organization Ideas For Renters

A few simple organization ideas can make a huge difference in your bathroom. First, get rid of rogue toilet paper rolls, tangled hair dryers, and other things that take up valuable floor space. Then, elevate the space with a few thoughtful additions. Muriel Vega is an Atlanta-based writer who has contributed to several publications, including Eater, Outside Magazine, and the Bitter Southerner.

Tiered organizers

Tiered organizers are a great way to organize your bathroom without taking up counter space. You can even organize by color scheme. These organizers can be a great solution if you don’t have any cabinets in the apartment. You can also save space by using open trays instead of drawers.

You can also use decorative wine racks to hold rolled towels. This will free up space in your linen closet or cabinets. Another solution is to install tension rods to create hooks so you can hang your towels. This will save space in the closet as well as make them more convenient to access when needed.

Another way to maximize the space in an apartment bathroom is to install a two-tiered organizer. You can also use a shelf organizer to organize the space under your sink. It is easy to install and doesn’t require any drilling. Tiered organizers are sturdy and expandable to accommodate different cabinet sizes and sink pipes.

Tiered organizers make your beauty routine faster and easier. They also provide a convenient location to hang baskets of toilet paper and towels. You can also use adhesive hangers to organize your bathroom cleaners. Tiered organizers are also a great option if you have limited counter space.

For an organized bathroom, you can consider installing a tiered organizer over the toilet. These are durable enough to hold your toiletries and other necessities. They also look more attractive and add storage space to your bathroom. In addition to the tiered organizer, you can also install a shelf in a corner that is not being utilized. You can also use a bar cart that holds your bathroom essentials. These are great alternatives to traditional bathroom furniture and won’t require any repairs.

Mesh file folders

If you have a small bathroom, mesh file folders can be a great space-saving storage solution. Attach them to a vanity or the wall to keep extra items out of sight. Alternatively, you can build a custom bench to save space, or buy an ottoman with hidden storage.

Wine rack

One great way to organize your bathroom is to use a wine rack. A decorative wine rack can hold rolled towels, freeing up space in the linen closet or cabinet. You can also install a tension rod to hang towels from. This will keep them from damaging the walls. Plus, it is convenient and saves space in the closet.

Wine racks can be made from various materials. One popular style is made of wood, and you can paint it the color of your room to match the rest of your decor. This type of rack can hold wine bottles and also weights. Another great option is a pegboard style wine rack, which uses available space efficiently. This type of rack can be as big or small as you’d like.

A wine rack can also be used to store shoes or rolled-up towels. You can also make a small herb garden by using a wine rack. A hanging rack can be bought online for $37. You can also repurpose a fence post and use it as a wine rack.

Wall-mounted magazine rack

Wall-mounted magazine racks are an excellent choice for apartment bathrooms. These magazine holder solutions are suitable for both large and small bathrooms. They can be placed on shelves or floors depending on the size of the bathroom. You can also place them in empty corners or free spaces. Moreover, they can be of any shape and size to suit the room.

Magazine racks come in different designs, such as bamboo-style and metal-style. The bamboo-style ones are unique and blend well with bathroom decors. A wall-mounted magazine rack is a space-saving solution and a great way to keep magazines neat and tidy. There are a variety of magazine racks available in the market, with most of them made of wood, metal, and plastic.

You can also add extra shelves or cabinets to your rental bathroom. This will help you increase storage space without affecting the landlord’s approval. Just be sure to patch up the holes before leaving. Adding storage space is easy and affordable and will make your apartment feel more spacious.