Closet Organizer Ideas For Small Spaces

Large totes and purses can take up valuable closet space. Instead of letting them take over your closet, hang them on the inside of your door with hooks. Store swimsuits, accessories, and other items in them. Coat racks are also a great option, but make sure to add them to the entrance of your home or bedroom, since winter coats tend to take up the most space.

EZ Shelf

EZ Shelf is a closet organizer system that requires only minimal installation and can be installed by one person. This system features adjustable shelves, heavy-duty wall anchors, and a middle support bracket. EZ Shelf products are also durable and can last for years. There are several advantages to using this product.

While closet systems are typically fixed to a closet wall, freestanding organizers can be used anywhere. Some systems require the installation of wall-mounting hardware, which will require some tools. These systems are also ideal for maximizing the space in rooms without a closet. Accessories can also be purchased to enhance a closet organizing system and maximize space.

EZ Shelf offers an extensive range of products for small spaces. In addition to closets, EZ Shelf is also useful in laundry rooms, basements, attics, pantries, and tool sheds. The shelves are made from sturdy steel tubing, and they can be adjusted according to the size of the room. Moreover, the shelves can be easily moved from one room to another and can be connected to create larger storage.

If you want to maximize the storage space of your small closet, it is important to use an organizer that can hold all your items. The Evelots organizer is one such accessory, and has 14 hooks that allow you to store many different items in it. In addition, if you’re trying to save space, you can also use the Gino organizer that comes with five extra hanging modules. This organizer is great for accessories and keeps clothes organized.


If you’re looking for closet organizer ideas for a small space, consider Evelots. These metal shelf dividers are rust-free and made of premium grade iron. They are also easy to install. They help you store bulky items in separate stacks while saving space.

Evelots are also great for organizing your bed linens and other smaller items. They come with dividers that allow you to stack clothes neatly and clearly. They also come in different sizes so that you can customize your closet organizer system for your particular needs. You can also use Evelots for your blankets, bedsheets, and towels. The ClosetMaid system can also be attached to the wall like a new closet. It has adjustable rods and shelves and can be configured several different ways depending on the size of your bedroom.

If you have a small closet, it’s important to have the right closet system. A complete system can help you store all of your clothing and accessories in an organized and efficient way. Closet systems come in various sizes, and many are made specifically for small closets. Another option is a modular system that offers shelving, hanging bars, and drawers. These can be used alone or in conjunction with other closet organizers. You can also choose to use wire organizers for easy installation. These systems also allow you to have plenty of space for accessories. Hanging shoe organizers are another great option for keeping shoes off the floor. They also offer vertical shoe storage for maximum closet flow.

In addition to hanging organizers, you can choose to use accessories such as the Medford closet organizer. You can use this system vertically from an existing rod, and it can provide six additional shelves. The shelves are made of breathable material, so they allow air to circulate. And, when not in use, you can simply fold them flat.


If you are looking for some closet organizing ideas for a small room, consider Burroughs’ products. Their Evelots organizer features fourteen hooks that will hold a variety of items, making it very versatile. Another great product from Burroughs is their shelving set, which will separate sections of a large closet and help keep it organized. Burroughs’ closet shelves are also designed with an open metal grate, which keeps moisture and mold from setting in.

David Kaihoi has a small closet that shares a space with a washer and dryer. The closet has two rows of rods, two rows of drawers, and a mirror on the inside of the door. He also has bins and trays to help organize his things.

Magazine files are ideal for storing clutches, jewelry, and wristlets. They also free up space on a desk. A magazine file is a great idea to store scarves and necklaces. In addition, magazine files allow you to store small items like scarves, hats, and sunglasses, making them easier to find when you need them.

A well-organized closet helps you get ready for the day and reduces stress in the morning. For those with cramped closets, a simple organizing solution can make a huge difference. And they do not have to be expensive.

Vela(tm) shelf dividers

Shelf dividers are a great way to create order on a closet’s shelves. These small inserts slide over a standard solid wood shelf and are a great option if you want to keep your closet’s shelves organized. These dividers help keep things in their proper place while freeing up valuable hanging space.

The Lynk Vela(tm) shelf divider has six shelves and nine hooks. It also features a valet knob to keep folded items stacked neatly. These dividers are easy to install and are affordable. They are made of durable, non-woven polymer fabric and epoxy-coated steel.

Another closet organizer idea for small spaces is a shelf that doubles as a hanger. This will give you double the hanging space and keep your clothes off the floor. Many people underutilize the vertical space in their closets. Olivia Rink added shelves to the top of her closet. You can also use a branch as a hanging rack.

Another closet organizer idea is a handbag organizer. This product comes with eight clear pockets that will keep handbags organized and out of the way. The system can also hang on a standard closet rod. If you have a lot of hangers, this organizer can be very helpful in keeping everything in its place. This product is great for tying up accessories, as well as giving you extra closet space.

Burroughs shelving set

Burroughs shelving is a versatile set that can be used in a variety of applications. Its lines of products include HD Drawers, Flexi-Bins, and Aisle-Saver(r). Its Pro-Series Multi-Level Systems are designed to handle large amounts of storage. If you need to keep records on high shelves, choose a set that features 24 inches of depth.