Fleur De Sel – A Cooking Symbol of Quality

In French, fleur de sel is known as flor de sel. This type of salt has become more popular over the past few decades. When & Why Should You Purchase Fleur Desel? For its exquisite flavor and high price relative to all other salts, fleur de sel is not ideal for seasoning food while you are cooking it. If you subject it to excessive heat, it can also melt and lose its distinctive flavor. This is why fleur de sel is mostly used in baking recipes.

fleur de sel

One of the major benefits of using fleur de sel in your recipes is its ability to maintain its color when exposed to intense heat. When using sea salt, for example, once the salt starts to take on an unhealthy yellowish color, it becomes difficult to use it and completely re-hydrate it right away. On the other hand, fleur de sel retains its color and texture regardless of the degree of heat it is exposed to. In fact, when made into a paste, fleur de sel quickly turns from a bright yellow to a soft brown when it comes in contact with acidic foods like citrus fruits, strawberries and wine.

Fleur De Sel is Easy to Buy, Easy to Use Fleur De Sel, which was first discovered by accident by the ancient Romans, can be purchased online or at many health stores and supermarkets. Today, you can find fleur de sel at most grocery stores as well as department stores and health food stores. It is widely known for being one of the finest sea salts available. Another advantage of buying fleur de sel online is that you do not have to drive very far to pick up a box.

Fleur De Sel Comes in a Variety of Types There are two basic kinds of fleur de sel: kosher salt and fleur de thioureux. Kosher salt is the traditional sea salt on which the fleur de sel is based. Fleur De Thioureux is a mid-grade alternative to kosher salt. In addition, fleur de thioureux contains fewer minerals and does not retain the rich flavor of kosher salt, which is why it is often used in recipes that call for sea salt.

Benefits of Using Fleur De Sel One of the best benefits of fleur de sel is that it improves the texture and taste of seafood and stews. Fish that are cooked on fleur de thioureux retain more flavor and are also more tender. This type of salt also adds a unique flavor to eggs and meat that is not found in other sea salts. Fleur De Sel also provides an incredible flavor to soups, stews, beans and potatoes, and it adds a great deal to beverages such as coffee and tea.

The Benefits of Using Fleur De Sel Fleur de sels are not only used in cooking, but they are widely available in tablet form to help those who wish to have it on hand for emergencies. Fleur De Sel comes in a variety of different colors and fleur de sel packaging. Tablet packaging comes in two varieties: flat disks and round disks. Tablet packaging is designed to look and feel like a typical hardback book. Fleur De Sel comes in various different thicknesses and grains. Tablet packages are generally packaged in thick cardboard boxes with ribbon to help provide a finished look.