Places to Go in Ashley, South Carolina

West Ashley, South Carolina, is an excellent place to live or visit. The area is filled with historic sites, a beautiful river, and a craft brewery. You can also check out the local art scene and enjoy the great local cuisine. The area is home to many fine restaurants and is a wonderful place to spend the weekend.

West Ashley is a great place to live

For many people, West Ashley is a peaceful place to live near the city of Charleston. There are a variety of recreational opportunities for residents. Boaters can cruise the Ashley River, while history buffs can visit the Charles Towne Landing State Historic Site, where English colonists first settled in the Carolinas. A self-guided tour is available. The site is also home to a natural animal forest where you can spot black bears, deer, and foxes.

The Northbridge area of West Ashley is one of the most desirable areas to live. This area is conveniently located to the Ashley River and downtown Charleston. Homeowners in this area often find that they are able to find reasonably priced homes with large lots. This area is also quiet and has minimal traffic.

A high walk score indicates that a neighborhood is within walking distance to local amenities. This is an important factor because it can impact your daily quality of life. If you enjoy going out for meals, you’ll have plenty of options in West Ashley. If you’re interested in living in the area, check out the pros and cons of living in West Ashley.

In West Ashley, SC, there are many opportunities for residents to participate in community activities. There are a variety of community shops, restaurants, and arts and crafts. Residents can even participate in regular self-improvement programs.

It has a beautiful river

Middleton Place is a plantation in Dorchester County, South Carolina, located across the Ashley River from North Charleston. This historic plantation sits on the river about 15 miles north of Charleston. The plantation is well-known for the beautiful scenery and is a great place to visit if you are in the area.

Ashley River Road is more than just antebellum plantations. This beautiful river is also home to trees that are more than 200 years old. In addition to that, the river is surrounded by wetlands where you can see bottlenose dolphins and great blue heron.

The Ashley River winds its way through the Lowcountry and eventually merges with the Cooper River to form Charleston Harbor. It starts in Berkeley County and flows through Summerville, alongside Colonial Dorchester. From there, the river winds for 17 miles before emptying into the Atlantic Ocean.

The river was once a major route connecting the coast and settlements inland. Today, the Ashley River has become an iconic South Carolina scenic experience. The 11-mile stretch of Highway 61 bisects the Ashley River Historic District and has a National Scenic Byway designation.

While you are in Ashley South Carolina, consider stopping by the historic settlement of Ashley Hall. This historic building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It was constructed by slave labor in the 18th century and was used by the British during the American Revolution. During the Civil War, it was evacuated by Union troops.

It has a variety of historic sites

When visiting ASHLEY South Carolina, visitors should be aware of the city’s rich history. The town is home to many historic sites, including the Ashley River, which is an important source of transportation. In the late 1600s, Europeans began to settle at the river’s mouth. Within a century, plantation owners began developing land along the river. Currently, the river provides a variety of scenic landscapes and recreational opportunities. In 1992, the state’s Office of Coastal Resource Management developed a Special Area Management Plan to protect the river’s natural character. In 1998, it was designated a State Scenic River.

The Ashley River is a tidal river that was once a major transportation route between the coast and inland settlements. Today, it is home to 26 National Register of Historic Places sites and other attractions. The river has a rich history and is home to a wide variety of wildlife. Because it is tidal throughout its length, it provides a haven for a variety of species of birds and animals.

The river itself played a crucial role in the history of South Carolina. The Ashley River was named Kiawah after the Native Americans who lived in the area, but was later renamed in honor of Lord Anthony Ashley Cooper, who was the first English settlers to arrive in the region. The rivers also formed an excellent harbor. However, due to its short length, the rivers did not connect Charleston with the interior of the state.

It has a craft brewery

If you love artisan beer, you might want to visit the new craft brewery in Ashley. Located on the banks of the Ashley River at 2895 Pringle Street, Commonhouse is an artisanal organic brewery that gives back to the community. All of its ingredients come from organic sources, and the brewery also donates a portion of its profits to local charities.

The Palmetto Brewing Company is the first licensed brewery in the state since Prohibition ended, and it has a taproom and pizza parlor that’s open seven days a week. The brewery offers year-round ales and brews, as well as seasonal and experimental brews. Palmetto Brewing also sells six-packs and four-packs.

Another brewery that makes great beer is the Freehouse Brewery. This artisan brewery focuses on brewing seasonal beers from local ingredients. It also brews sour ales and brown ales with curated yeast strains. It has a patio and a beer garden that’s dog-friendly.

Ashley is home to several craft breweries. Freehouse Brewing specializes in Belgian and Anglo-American styles. Its tasting room overlooks the Ashley River and features live music on the weekends. Other breweries in Ashley include Frothy Beard Brewing, a nanobrewery with a capacity of 1.5 barrels. Palmetto Brewing, one of the oldest breweries in South Carolina, recently renovated its tasting room. It offers great live music and great specials.

It has a plantation

The Magnolia Plantation is an historic place in Ashley, South Carolina that has been revived by descendants of the plantation’s original owners. This property was once one of the most popular attractions in South Carolina, and travelers would often disembark at the plantation’s site to tour the gardens and explore the grounds. The plantation’s gardens were originally built by Rev. John Drayton, who took over the plantation when his brother died. Today, they are one of the oldest landscaped gardens in the United States.

If you’re looking for places to go in Ashley, South Carolina, there’s something for everyone. If you’re looking for a romantic getaway, you can opt for a romantic plantation package at the Inn at Middleton Place. This luxury hotel is located in the Ashley River Road area and is a great place to stay for a romantic getaway.

There’s also the Gilliard Garden Center, which is open to the public. Though you won’t get to tour the entire plantation, the center sells replicas of the original Magnolia gardens. You can also see the only main house from the Ashley River plantation that wasn’t destroyed during the Civil War. During the war, this property was used as a hospital, and some former slaves stayed on the property and later became workers for a phosphorus mining company.

Another plantation worth visiting is Drayton Hall. This plantation is the oldest surviving plantation house on the Ashley River and in the Charleston area. Its grand Palladian architecture and white columned portico have stood on the site since 1750. It has survived the Civil War, the Great Earthquake, and the American Revolution.

It has a variety of restaurants

The Charleston area has an eclectic mix of restaurants. From traditional American fare to Southern classics, ASHLEY South Carolina has a dining scene to please everyone. West Ashley has several popular restaurants, including Gene’s Haufbrau. The local favorite recently celebrated 70 years of serving beer and Southern cuisine. Don’t miss out on the chicken pot pie or Lowcountry fish and chips, or try the duck au poivre. Nearly every restaurant has its own special hot sauce that is sure to spice things up.

The city’s food scene is as diverse as its population. There are both chain restaurants and mom and pop places. Park Circle, located between downtown Charleston and CHS airport, has plenty of choices. Popular spots include EVO Pizzeria and Stems & Skins.